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The Holidays our drivers do not work are New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If your service falls on one of these six holidays, your service will be delayed by one day. If your regular service day comes up after the Holiday Day, but in the same week, your service will be delayed one day. You can view your service calendar on the Home page.

When our region is faced with inclement weather, we will do the best we can to safely provide service. If we are able to, we will start our routes later than normal-- please leave material at the curb.
If we cannot safely operate our fleet, service may be delayed. Please check our website or call Customer Service at 406.257.1739 for updates and instructions for set out.

If you are a residential customer, please have your can out by 6:00 AM for guaranteed pick up. If you are a commercial customer, please have your container accessible by 5:00 AM.

Please call the office at 406-257-1739 and talk to a CSR. There is a vacation rate that is available, but you must be gone at least one month or more.

Please let us know immediately so we are aware. If we are not contacted, we do not know you have been missed. (Return trip fee may apply)

No, not at this time.

Yard debris can be put in container as long as it is bagged.

Yes, using our Bill Pay website you can view and pay your statements online. Click the Bill Pay button at the top of the page to sign up.

No, you don't need to add your payment information to view online statements, or sign up for paperless billing. Just leave your payment information blank when signing up for an online account.
Need Help? Contact customer service at or call 406.257.1739.

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