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Residential Garbage Collection

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Container Options

The following container sizes are available: 90 gallon. 

Please have your container out by 6:00 am to guarantee pick up.

Remember to "Bag" your trash, and avoid wedging items into the can or stuffing the can so tight it won't empty. Any garbage stacked 12 inches higher than the "level lid" of your container or garbage picked up around your container will be charged an additional fee. This is considered an "extra", or "overfull", even at Christmas time.
Whole Christmas trees will not be taken, they must be cut up into small pieces, bagged, and placed in your can.

No garbage containers shall be kept on any Flathead County right-of-way.
Garbage containers may be moved to the shoulder of the road, but at least two feet from the edge of the road and out of the street prior to your service and the receptacle must be removed within twelve (12) hours after pick-up. Flathead County and Evergreen Disposal assume no responsibility for damage to containers placed “on” County right-of-ways. Click here for "New Residential Customer" letter. 

Do Not Put In Garbage

  • Hazardous Waste
  • Medical Equipment (such as needles)

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